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We offer an innovative solution when it comes to protecting and preserving your stone surfaces

Natural Stone Protection

Challenging etching and staining problems are now solved with SafeStone Logo, a polyester laminate designed to protect countertops, tables, bars, and vanities fabricated from Marble, Onyx, and Travertine.

Aside from our film being almost invisible to the eye, it’s also impermeable, not allowing liquids to penetrate through it. This property is what truly sets it apart compared to traditional stone sealers, which have never been able to protect stone from etching.

SafeStone Logo

  • Protects existing and new stone surfaces
  • Prevents stone surface scratching
  • Enhances the depth and color of stone
  • Prevents acid etching and stains caused by wine, lime, blueberries, etc.
  • Dramatically hides etch marks and glass rings without refinishing
  • Is cost effective when compared to constant refinishing
  • Is heat resistant
  • Hygienic compared to having a porous stone surface
  • Cleans and polishes easily

Our films scratch resistant hard coat protects your countertops by absorbing the normal abuse that would diminish the appearance of the stone. It also absorbs the kind of shock that, in many cases, would cleave or chip valuable stone.  Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers, and Homeowners can now broaden their design possibilities using exotic stone with complete confidence.

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