Natural stone adds a beautiful look to any interior design or architectural feature. The only problem is that this type of surface is easily etched and scratched when submitted to common, everyday use.  It can also easily stain when exposed to certain acidic foods and drinks. Rather than skip the look of natural stone and opt out for another type of material, SafeStone Logo can create a usable and easy to clean surface over natural stone without distracting from its look and appeal.

What is SafeStone?

SafeStone is a thin, clear sheet of polyester laminate that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, used to protect the surface of marble, onyx, travertine, and any other type of natural stone surface. It prevents etching and staining caused by the acids in food and drinks. Our product is used in both commercial and residential settings. It’s ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities within the home as well as surfaces in restaurants and bars, or even conference room tables in an office space.

How It Works

Traditional liquid sealers were designed to “buy you time” after an accidental wine spill, but they’re not able to fully prevent staining, etching, and scratches on these surfaces.  The reason our product works so well is because it doesn’t let liquids seep through the stone, making it 100% impermeable.  The films surface takes on the abuse that would otherwise chip or cleave an unprotected stone surface.

Uses and Benefits

SafeStone will protect new or existing surfaces from scratching and etching, especially from acids found in blueberries, lime, wines, and other similar foods and drinks. It also enhances the color and depth of the stone. Now, glass rings and etch marks can be hidden from view without the expense of refurbishing the surface. Another benefit is that it’s heat resistant, so you can place hot plates and pots without any worry. It’s also very easy to maintain, simply using a paper towel with your favorite surface cleaner is all you’ll need to keep the finish polished.

How long it lasts

Our film is tough, but like most things, its longevity is solely determined by the end user.  It all depends on the wear and tear it receives, the environment it’s in, and how it’s cared for.  For example, high-traffic areas like bars and restaurants, will naturally need replacement sooner than most residential settings, which can last for many years.  The fact of the matter is that protected stone tops will not stain or etch for as long as our product is installed on the surface.

The concept of our product is for it to act as a “shield” over your stone surface.  In doing so, it protects from simple acts, such as sliding a dinner plate across its surface, throwing the car keys on the counter, accidentally dropping a fork / sharp object, or worse, a wine spill.  These common daily occurrences will cause hairline scratches over time on the surface of the film, similar to what happens to a glass surface.  However, even with these tiny scratches, our product will still continue to perform it duties.

Installation Process

Our install process only takes a few hours from start to finish.  Best of all, there’s no lengthy process or harmful chemicals used, like with traditional liquid sealers.  Our certified installers will come in, prep your stone surfaces, apply the product, perform a quality control check, and off they’ll go!  You can go back to your lifestyle and start using your surfaces within 2 hours after the installation.

One of the many perks of our product is that not only is it safe on your stone surface, but it can also be replaced at anytime by one our installers.  In most cases, we can just replace the piece that shows the most wear and tear, without having to redo entire areas.


We’re here for you!  We take great pride in our work and customer service.  Our products are all backed with a 1-year limited warranty, so should you experience any issues or have any questions after the installation, just give us a call.

If you want the look and style of natural stone without the headaches, then SafeStone Logo is the product that will help protect your investment and truly keep your surfaces looking new. 


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